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Personality Development

Personality development is the relatively permanent pattern of the person's thoughts, behaviors and feelings that discriminate people from one another.

 The effective view in the scope of personality psychology today holds that personality come out early and run on to change in meaningful ways throughout the lifespan. MWPC develop personality and leadership skills in psychological manner. MWPC strongly believe that every individual has a unique quality; which in turn shapes up enhance confidence, body language, emotion control, positive attitude, voice articulation, initiative personality factor, presentation methods, Managements, Adaptions, effective learning skill and grasping power.

MWPC's main purpose of personality development course is for help the students, teen, adults, professional, home maker, teachers and especially for those people who has lost their confidence due to any  failure they might have faced. This course is highly designed for gaining and shining for people with low confidence, to give them again a platform with bright future and  enhance hope for  achieving all their dreams.


  • Case History

  • MSE

  • Report Writing

  • Career Counselling

  • Psychotherapies

  • Psychological Assessment

  • Career Assessment

  • Counseling Technique

  • Stress Management

Psychology Coaching

  • MA - Psychology (Including IGNOU)

  • BA/ Bsc Psychology (Including IGNOU)

  • 11th & 12th Psychology


Going beyond the skyline of reading material and making something inventive is absolutely a measure to improve a person in useful and practical term.

Workshop, course, training program, seminars, and conferences, held at regular basis do play out the same motive for a students. 


MWPC organize regular weekend workshop training program on different related topics for each current stream related to psychological perceptive, special educator,  neurological problems, learning difficulties and psychotic disorders and encourage the students, professional, clinicians, social works and home makers to take an interest and build up their knowledge and capabilities.

MWPC conduct all workshop with period appointments.

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